History of Transportation” by Helen Lundeberg:

Helen Lundeberg, History of Transportation. 1940 City of Inglewood, CA

The largest freestanding WPA artwork in the western United States, this 240’-long narrative petrachrome mural had suffered erosion and cracking of its terrazzo-like surface, fragmentation of the concrete backing bed, loss of entire panels, and vandalism. In 1999, the Getty Conservation Institute recommended that Rosa Lowinger be selected by the City of Inglewood to head up a team of experts to determine the feasibility of moving and restoring the mural. Lowinger led the Sculpture Conservation Studio team that designed and implemented dismantling the mural, repairing breakage and stabilizing corrosion of the internal rebar, removing generations of graffiti embedded into the porous surface, re-integrating losses, recreating entire lost panels, and developing a graffiti coating and mitigation program to ensure the long term stability of the mural. The mural was re-installed at a new site adjacent to Inglewood High School. It is the recipient of numerous awards, including from the Los Angeles Conservancy and California Preservation Foundation.

“Mermaid” by Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein, Mermaid, 1979, City of Miami Beach, FL RLA carried out the repair and repainting of this monumental sculpture, which involved intense research to determine the proper color selection as it had been repainted incorrectly in 2000. RLA worked with the Getty Conservation Institute and a local paint company to reformulate Lichtenstein’s original color scheme in commercial paints that could be maintained annually.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

An ongoing project for RLA is the renovation of the historic building and grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Garden’s architectural features and sculpture collection with attention to remediation of deterioration caused by environmental factors.

Cathedral of St. Trinité

Cathedral of St. Trinité, Port Au Prince Haiti. Murals by Philomé Obin, Prefete Duffaut, and Castera Basile 1948-1950. Smithsonian Institution and the Haiti Cultural Recovery Center. RLA is currently in process of cleaning, facing, cataloguing, dismantling, storage, removal of facing and design of storage and treatment for three remaining concrete murals of the Episcopal Cathedral of Port Au Prince, devastated by last year’s earthquake.

Select past RLA clients include:

Smithsonian Institution
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority Gold Line to Pasadena
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts
City of Honolulu
City of Ventura
Huntington Library & Gardens
General Services Administration (GSA)
Broad Art Foundation
Miami Art Museum
City of Miami Beach
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
University of Miami
Florida International University
Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami
AhTahThiki Museum of the Seminole Tribe of Florida
Metropolitan Dade County
City of San Jose
City of Santa Monica
City of Inglewood
City of Santa Fe Springs
City of West Hollywood
City of Coral Gables
Various Private Clients